Sun & Moon conjunction

Sun & moonSun-represents our ego, soul, personality,father, creator, source of energy, king, ruler.

Moon-represents our mind, emotional feelings, mother, motherly nourishment.

So, when Sun & Moon comes together in a house & close to each other within less than 10 degree, we call it Sun Moon conjunction.

  • Sun is fiery energy can burn moon’s watery emotional mind that is why it creates lot of steam but it also creates a person who is quite determined that depends on degree bcs soul & mind r together so whatever they think they stick to that plan & finally accomplish their goal, its creates powerful raj yoga for aries,scorpion ascendant people mainly in kendra or trikone house. if this conjunction happen in 1st house or 10th house of aries rashi sign, native ‘ll find more interest in politics & has successful career in government authority position.
  •  When Moon is holding lowest degree whereas sun is holding highest degree:- that means ur moon comes near to sun & get burned. so native don’t has emotional feelings, their mother always follow their father wtever their father do. Now moon is very close conjunction with sun, u can call it no moon means no mind bcs hot sun burn moon’s all watery emotional things bcs moon control cancer sign of water element & sun control leo sign of fiery elements, so combination of this two energy creates lots of steam & native’s mother suffer a lot with the relation of his father. Native always get confused & ask themself for why I’m here , wt to do & which one I’ve to choose.
  • What happen when moon is holding highest degree whereas sun is holding lowest degree:- that means ur moon comes out from fiery sun & gets his light to grow up with emotional greatest mind ie ur mind is having the confidence to accomplish any work that u’ve choosen. So, that is why ur ego & confidence grow up. They r very deterministic & also get lots of opportunity from their parents & government field but it depends on rashi sign , naksatra & which house this two planets controlling ,bring that house quality into a particular house where this conjunction happen.