Sun & Saturn conjunction

Sun & SaturnSun- represents our ego, personality,self esteem, father,government,authority.
Saturn- represents our boundary,limitation,order, structure,discipline. It represents cold things, control our fear, anxiety bcs saturn want to bring u in realistic world,so that it can show u harsh real life. Saturn is also known as karma pati bcs he rules natural 10th house of capricorn sign of hard work.Saturn represents older, matured person & uncle.

  • So, when sun & saturn comes to a single house & close to each other  that show ones ego, personality & self esteem get hurt by harsh life of reality bcs sun is ur ego,self esteem, pride nature & saturn is the old people who always makes u mature by bring u from dream land to real life. U know that u r the king, deserve respect & many more bt saturn will give u this rewards untill u complete ur duty. So,u’ve to maintain lots of responsibilty & duty depend on which house this conjunction happen with rashi sign.
  • Now, if saturn close to sun with less than 9 degree creates problem with father bcs sun & saturn grt enemy to each other, one represents heavy light & other represent dark energy so to overcome this dark energy to overblown ur heavy ego u’ve to hard work & taking care of ur duty of that particular house.
  • Now, lets say saturn holding lowest degree & sun holding highest degree:- they r always hard worker, without expecting any returns, they do their job & take responsibilty of that house related things where they r placed in & their ego comes through their own hard effort of hard work.
  • Now lets say sun is holding lowest degree whereas saturn holding highest degree:- they r also hardworker bt base of that conjunction is ego , self esteem & pride nature so they maintain their duty & responsibility bt in return they want respect & fame except sun is debilitated.
  • Career wise:- government service job, police/ fire fighter(if mars involve), high authority leadership role if sun exalt, fame through hardworking job if sun is debilitated & saturn is exalted depend on what house they r placed in, take responsibilty of that house.

(NOTE:- the behaviour of this conjunction also gets modified if they r aspected by other planets or place with other planets, thr naksatra & house significant also important that one should remember to know the actual behaviour of ths conjunction. )

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