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Rectify Your Birth Time through Astrology :-


This article is fully dedicated to my God, my Guru & all respected Astrologer who discovered these rules.

> This article is specially for all people who don’t have correct birth time or Ascendant is changing within few minutes or even they have 5 hours error of birth time can rectify their birth time using these rules.

> Before starting this article, I want to announce that if you go to astrologer for astrology prediction then its your duty to tell correct birth time or surrender that your birth time is not correct so that astrologer can rectify your birth time & give you correct prediction , otherwise you are the responsible to get prediction of a person who was born at that time not you.So you are actually getting the prediction of others but not yours.

Point to do this article is mainly to correct your all divisional chart so that you can get prediction of different portion of your life through divisional chart like D9- for marriage, D10- career, D4- your property, D16- car, D20- spiritual progress, D3- siblings, D7- for your children, D12- parents, D2- wealth, D30 – any misfortune, D60 – all over area & destiny.

——————————————BTR RULES—————————————–

I’m going to describe here all these birth time rectification rules & step using Krishnamurti paddhati or KP astrology, Parashara astrology & Bhrigu Nadi astrology.

Krishnamurti paddhati or Kp astrology :-

Step 1> Ruling Planets Technique:-
It is simply just When you try to rectify your birth time that day time , date & place you’ve to put in your astrology software to get a Prashna horary chart & that chart’s ruling planets play most important role to rectify your birth time even you’ve to give horary seed number between 1 to 249, if ruling planets are not agreeing your birth day lagna sign, lagna star , lagna sublord then any KP astrologer can boldly reject by telling that the horoscope brought by the consultant is not correct . Mainly there are 5 ruling planets in Kp astrology that will help you to rectify your birth time by rectifying your birth Ascendant sign , birth Ascendant naksatra lord, birth Ascendant sub lord & birth Ascendant sub sub lord.

These 5 ruling planets are :-

that day lord –

Ascendant lord –

Ascendant star lord –

Moon sign lord –

Moon star lord –

Once you find out all these ruling planets then match with your birthday chart ascendant sign , ascendant star lord, ascendant sublord. If they are matched then your birth time is correct. This technique will help to those person whose ascendant degree is near about 29 degree or 1 degree mean ascendant or lagna is changing within few minutes & you can easily pinpoint any one of correct lagna sign lord using these ruling planets .

Step 2> 1st cusp house & 9th cusp house relation :- Once you findout your correct ascendant sign & sign lord then your next task to cross check with 1st & 9th cusp house starlord & sublord.

Rules are given that :- A>1st cusp house star lord & sublord should be same as 9th cusp house star lord & sublord . Atleast any one of two must be matched to confirm correct birth time .

B> There must be a relation between 1st cusp & 9th cusp house sign lord planets through signlord, star lord or sublord.

Parashara Vedic astrology :-

Convert your Isht kala or the time interval between the birth day sunrise time & your birthtime into Vighatis,

1 days = 60 Ghatis = 3600 Vighatis ;

1Hour = 5/2 Ghatis = 150 Vighatis ;

1 Ghatis = 24 minutes = 60 Vighatis ;

1 Vighatis = 24 seconds ;

Example :- birth day sunrise time 6am & your Birth time 8am so Time interval (8 -6)= 2 hours ,so 2 hours = 2 * 150 = 300 vighatis .

now multiply the resultant vighatis by 4 & divide by 9.

Find the remainder of this calculation, this remainder is the number of the star counted from Ashwini , Magha or moola & if that out come star match with your moon star then your birth chart is correct according to your given birth time otherwise add or subtract 1 Vighatis or 2 or and so on till you get the actual remainder to get correct moon star or birth star. Once you get accurate Vighatis then convert it into Isht Kala or the time interval simply just reverse back process & then you’ll get your accurate birth time .


Bhrigu Nadi Astrology :-

Once you’ve checked your birth chart with previous given step , now it’s the time to final cross check through nadi astrology which is my favourite , So  you’ve to list up all unforgettable good plus bad events year – month & apply Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) plus Bhrigu Saral Paddhati (BSP ) techniques to match all events through Your D1 & D60 chart, if the chart indicates the events which are  matched with your all list up events then only I can say that your chart is now rectified .  Follow the step –

Open Your D60 chart & Apply  BCP rule as –

1st house result you’ll get at the age of your 0 to 1st year ,

2nd house result you’ll get at the age of your 1st to 2nd year ,

3rd house result you’ll get at the age of your 2nd to 3rd year ,




12th house 11th to  12th year , again 1st house  12th to 13th year , 2nd house 13th to 14th year… 12th house result you’ll get at the age of your 199th to 120th year . So check your unforgettable good plus bad events year with the matter related to the year activation houses in D1 & D60 chart .

Bhrigu Chakra with cycle ruler planet :-

Moon – age 0 to 12 years

Mercury – age 13 to 24 years

Venus – age 25 to 36 years

Sun – age 37 to 48 years

Mars – age 49 to 60 years

Jupiter – age 61 to 72 years

Saturn – age 73 to 84 years

Rahu – age 85 to 96 years

Ketu – age 97 to 108 years.

the house given result you’ll get at that particular of your age & the lord of that house planets years also you’ve to check if the they are strong or not based on that you’ll get result of your particular concern age.

 ————- Bhrigu Saral Paddhati ————–
Using this rule you are able to fully check that your birth chart is correct or not , mainly apply this technique to your D60 chart & remember that your D60 chart lagna sign will be changing within 2 and 1/2 minutes, There are 26 rules under BSP to check that Your D60 chart is correct or not, It’s impossible to write all details but 4 rules I’m going to write for you to cross check for rectification of your birth chart & D60 chart .

Rule 1 > BSP no 23 – at the age of 10 ,  sun activates 6th from it’s  natal position means you’ll get or already had gotten the result of 6th house from the  sun in your D60 chart as well as Birth chart.

Rule 2> BSP no 9 – 12th house from ketu at the age of 24.

Rule 3> BSP no 30 – rahu gives the result of his house at the age of 30.

Rule 4> BSP no 27 – 4th house from saturn at the age of 48.

if all these events are matched or satisfied with your D60 chart then your birth chart is correct & save that birth time.

If You’ve any query regarding this topic you can leave comments.

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