Muhammad Ali Chart analysis

Muhammad ali Horoscope vedic chart analysis :-

Lagna – Cancer
Moon sign – Capricorn
Sun Sign – Capricorn

For Fame 10th house , 7th house & arudha lagna are important .

1> All kendra houses lord are in kendra means chart is extremely strong .

2> His 10th house has arudha lagna so he should known for his 10th of career & his 10th house has mars saturn in fire sign so fighting competition career .

3> His 10th house is extremely strong by being yoga karka mars (the controller of trikona 5th house & kendra 10th house) is placed in his moolatrikon sign creates one of the panch mahapurush yogayoga called” Ruchak yoga ” represents powerful fighter & bravery person with strong health because yogakarka strong mars 4th aspect to ascendant the whole body so physically strong health with fighting nature & also fighting career specially when mars is conjuncted or associated with saturn in fiery aries sign in 10th house of career status which represents extremely war zone fighting nature , here saturn creates neecha bhanga raj yoga due to own sign mars with saturn & retrograde saturn degree is near about close to ascendant degree so this retrograde helps specially in 10th house of career but can also create sudden problem in others matter due to controlling 8th house of sudden events like hidden secret controversy which is commmonly seen from outside of boxing ring that he had already faced & even also marriage related issue by being retro 7th lord also controlling 8th house 10th aspect to retro venus in 7th house of marriage .

4 > as we know that in his 10th house of career :-

a. mars creates ruchak yoga .
b. saturn mars creates war zone specially fiery aries sign in 10th house of career .
c. from the 2nd house fire sign rahu 9th aspect to that 10th house fiery aries sign mars saturn amplify all these quality .

As we know that rahu has the magical power who knows all tricks & magic & rahu wants name fame wealth specially is in 10th house or aspecting to 10th house , here in his chart rahu is in 2nd house of wealth in royal leo sign & from the 2nd house rahu 9th aspect to war zone 10th house fiery mars saturn so he knows the all magical power or tricks specially in his fighting competition career & the through that his name fame wealth should come & his 10th house cusp sublord is also rahu & rahu naksatra lord is venus & at rahu maha dasha he got maximum success . In between rahu mahadasha At 18 years of age , he won the Light Heavy weight Gold medal – 1960 Summer Olympics , At 22 years of old , he won the World Heavyweight championship from Sonny Liston in 1964 – rahu mahadasha venus antardasha .

5 > As 6th house of facing enemy competition lord is jupiter goes to 11th house of gain means he should gain from his enemy competition whereas jupiter dispositor means 11th house of gain lord venus goes to 7th house of mass fame with lagna lord moon , 2nd house of wealth lord sun & 3rd lord hand related self effort lord mercury & they are all aspecting to ascendant body . So huge mass amount of fame come through own self effort enemy fight . Again he won championship again in jupiter mahadasha mercury antardasha 1974 & jupiter mahadasha venus antardasha 1978.

6 > 7th house 10th place from 10th house represents bhavat bhavam of 10th house of career progress where ascendant lord , 2nd lord , 3rd lord & 11plus 4th lord are placed & their dispositor means 7th lord saturn conjuct with 5th house of entertainment sports & 10th house of career controller lord aggressive sporty mars in aries fire sign represents some kind entartainment fighting compitition like entertainment sports but mars saturn war zone . Now sun dispositor sarturn is under krittika nakstra of sun & saturn is also 10th aspect to sun who is also its own naksatra in 7th house also represents fame through fighting bcs sun with ascendant lord moon are also aspecting ascendant .

7 > As we know that mars saturn in 10th house arise sign represents fighting & rahu 9th aspect over them just amplify all these quality , now check mars fighting condition through naksatra , mars is under ashwini nakstra also represents some kind physical activity & due to pada 4 of ashwini naksatra this 10th house Birth chart 5th house entertainment lord mars is placed in 6th house in D9 chart with D1 3rd house of hand related fighting lord mercury in 6th house of competition so hand related fighting competition with enemy .

8 > Ascendant lord moon is very close to 3rd house lord mercury in degree wise because moon degree 19.23 & mercury 20.28 in capricorn means they are in same naksatra & 3rd house represents hand , due to pada 3 of sharavana naksatra ascendant lord moon is placed in 5th house of gemini sign in D9 chart 5th house represents entertainment & sports whereas gemini is the natural zodiac of 3rd house of hand related whose lord is also mercury & due to pada 4 of sharavana naksatra mercury is placed in 6th house of competiion with aggresive mars in cancer sign of D9 chart that means moon & mercury are creating parivartan yoga between 5th house of enterainment & 6th house of enemy compettiion whereas D9 10th lord mars is placed . as due to parivartan yoga mars weakness is cancelled by the energy exchanging of 5th & 6th house through D1 ascendant lord moon & 3rd house of hand lord mercury so it’s confirm that hand related entertainment enemy competition which indicated boxing means hand related fighting .

D10 dashamsha chart analysis for career :-

For boxing fighting competition which houses & their lords are important ?

Ans –
Ascendant – body

3rd house – hand

5th house – entertainment sports

6th house – enemy fighting competition

8th house or scorpio sign – sudden win & lose in the fighting competition game .

Mars sarturn must have connection specially it creates War Fighting Zone .

so all these houses with house lord & these written planets are important for fighting like boxing competition sport game .

9> As we have already seen that mars saturn are placed in D1 10th house creates war zone & rahu just amplify all these quality lets see his D10 chart :- D10 ascendant is scorpio means sudden up & down win or lose in competiton game so these ascendant lord & 6th house of competition lord mars is aspected by 3rd house lord saturn from 3rd house confirm some kind hand related fighting because they are mutually aspected to each other .

10 > D10 3rd lord saturn in 3rd house means native must have strong will power & strength , so 3rd house of hand lord saturn creates mutual aspect with 6th house of competition lord mars 100% shows chart indicated hand related fighting because they are both aspecting to 10th house of career lord sun . 3rd lord own sign SATURN 10th aspect to 10th lord sun & 6th house of competition & ascendant body controller lord mars 4th aspect to 10th lord sun whereas sun dispositor venus is in 8th house of sudden win or lose in game , sun weakness is cancelled by influencing or aspecting of ownsign 3rd lord .saturn but it also indicates war zone speciallly when mars influnce also there .

11 > D10 chart 5th house of entertainment sports lord is conjucted with 6th house of competition lord & they are aspected by 3rd lord only shows boxing competition game .

12 > D10 Mars gets cancellation of his debilitation due to conjunct with exalted jupiter so mars creates neecha bhanga raj yoga with 5th lord exalted jupiter & 5th house lord jupiter in 9th house whereas 9th lord moon in 5th house so jupiter moon creates paribartan yoga between 5th & 9th houses which represents purva punya & gurus guru in fighting competition & travel others country for fighting .

13 > D10 3rd lord saturn 3rd aspect to that moon(ascendant lord of D1) mercury (3rd lord of D1) who where creating paribartan yoga between 5th & 6th house in D9 & see mars sign lord moon conjunct with 11th house of gain & 8th house of sudden events lord mercury in 5th house of entertainment & rahu 5th aspect to 5th lord jupiter & 6th lord mars means rahu amplify mars quality who has already aspected by 3rd house 3rd lord saturn indicates that he must get success in hand related competition sports game & his income or gain all came through hand related self effort competition game which is boxing .

14 > In birth chart 3 hours hora :-
His 3 hours hora controlling planet is mercury because birth time 17th jan 1942 at 18:35 is in between 18:02 to 21:02 & this time is fully controlled by mercury who is controller of 3rd house of hand so mercury sign lord saturn who is the giver of his wealth & see saturn is conjuncted with mars in 10th house of career in fire aries sign so his career wealth came through hand related fighting which is boxing .

I hope you’ll find his birth details with chart but you’ll never find his details chart analysis like this in online or anywhere in any books .

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