STEP1> 1st see your 10th house lord placement & condition in birth horoscope.

STEP2> 1st house lord naksatra & amtya karka position & condition in birth horoscope.

STEP3>Is their any planet aspect to your 10th house in birth chart, find the condition of that planet. Now you’ve to see microscopic view of 10th house of birth chart for that you’ve to see your Dashmsa chart.

STEP4> In this D10 chart 1st you’ve to see lagna lord placement & condition(where is your 1st house lord of D10 placed in which house).

STEP5> where is your 10th lord of D10 chart placed in which house & find the condition.

STEP6>is their any planet aspect to your 1st house & 10th house of D10 chart, find the condition of that planet.

STEP7> find out saturn & 10th place from saturn condition of D10 chart.

STEP8> Your amtya karka’s condition in D10 chart

STEP9> 10th lord of your birth chart where its placed in D10 chart, is that planet strong enough or not, find out the condition of that planet.

STEP10> see your dashamsa chart all planetary position & condition.

Once you find out all this condition & step now you are enough to predict about native career field.


PARAMETER 1(VIMOSHATTARI DASHA BASED):-a person get married when he/she is going through planetary dasha period of 1st house lord & 7th house lord or planets in 1st house & 7th house of birth chart(D1 chart) & navamsha chart(D9 chart).

PARAMETER 2(JAIMINI CHARA DASHA):-marriage occure when you will be going through chara antar dasha of rasi sign from where is your DK/DKN/ DP/UPA PADA placed, if not connected then antar dasha rasi should establish a connection by being in 1-7 axis with dara karka(DK), dara karka navamsha(DKN), dara pada(DP), upa pada lagna(UPL) or 7th lord or giving  JAIMINI DRISHTI.

VIVAH SAHAM:- adding the longitudes of lagna lord & 7th house lord then convert this resultant longitudes into rashi sign. This rashi sign is your VIVAH SAHAM RASHI.

PARAMETER 3:- at the time of marriage jupiter must activate your VIVAH SAHAM RASI through aspect or place in that rashi sign.

PARAMETER 4:- DOUBLE TRANSIT OF jupiter & saturn must activate your 1st house/7th house/lagna lord/7th lord/vivah saham rashi.

PARAMETER 5(PIYA MILAN):- thr will be a connection of 1st house lord & 7th house lord aspect to each other or with each other by transiting through the natal chart at the day of marriage or before marriage.

PARAMETER 6:- transiting Jupiter activates natal Venus in male chart & natal Mars in female chart just before marriage or the day of marriage.

PARAMETER 7:-SUN and/or most planets will be transiting around lagna or 7th house at the day of marriage or before marriage. Its because all this 9 planets are nothing but Dashavtara of LORD VISHNU. ths is because almost all societies during marriage ceremony mantras are chanted & prayers are read in order to invoke the Supreme Being & make him witness to this solemn ceremony & to seek his blessings.

PARAMETER 8- there is a connection of 1st house lord & 7th house lord will be transiting through 1st house or 7th house activate ur 1-7 axis at the day of marriage or before marriage.



4th house control your home,land,property, vehicle or any type of convenience where you feel comfortable & happy. Now to find out particular time to get property, vimsottari dasha is very helpful and after that we have to cross check with jaimini chara dasha if both dasha system match i.e show same year then we’ve to final check with yearly transit chart to find out actual week or month for getting property.

1> If any raj yoga happen in 4th house that planetry dasha period you can get property.
2> If 4th lord creates any raj yoga in particular house with other planets that planetary dasha period can give you property.
3> If there is no raj yoga in 4th house bt 4th lord exalt in particular house or good position in particular house can show timing of getting property of that planetary dasha period.
once we find out favourable planetary dasha & antar dasha period we have to check that planets condition in NAVAMSHA CHART(D9 chart) because D9 chart is the fruits of birth chart. If ths planets are well placed & strong enough or create any raj yoga in D9 chart that gives you strong clue to getting property of that particular planetary dasha & antar dasha period but its manadetory to check most important divisional chart for property that is D4 chart(chatur thamsha chart).
[Note:- if you don’t get any clue through D1 & D9 chart then also you can get information from D4 chart.]

D4 CHART (chatur thamsha chart):-
1> In this chart you’ve to see, Are their any planets placed in 1st house or 4th house that planetary dasha gives you strong indication of getting property.
2> Is thr any raj yoga happen with 4th or 1st lord in D4 chart that planetary dasha period you’ll get property.
3> Karka of D4 chart is MARS, so you’ve to see mars condition if mars is well placed & any how connected with 4th or 1st lord in good sign of particular house can show property at their dasha & antar dasha period.
4> If any conjunction happen in 4th house of D1 chart & if that planetary conjunction also happen in 1st or 4th house D4 chart, ths planets gives you strong indication of getting property at thr dasha & antar dasha period.

Now cross check with jaimini CHARA DASHA:-
1> You’ve to find out the planet holding with 4th highest degree of your birth chart that planet is your MATRI KARKA. So, you’ve to see where is your matri karka(MK) is placed in which rasi sign of D1 chart , that rasi sign chara dasha you’ll get property if this MK creates jaimini RAJ YOGA or strong enough then gives you strong clue to get property only at thr chara dasha.

You’ve to see D1 MK condition in D4 chart.
1> If MK of D1 is placed in 1st or 4th house can show or create jaimini raj yoga can give you property at thr chara dasha period.
2> If MK creates jaimini raj yoga in D1 & also in D4 chart will 100% give you property at thr chara dasha period.
3> Now if you find nothing then see which chara dasha you are going through make that chara dasha rasi sign to 1st house & see 4th house of ths new chart , Is thr any jaimini raj yoga happen in 4th house that ‘ll give you strong indication of getting property at their chara dasha & antar dasha, you can apply this technique same as for vimsottari dasha.

Final Step:-
Now once you find out favourable vimsottari dasha & antar dasha which is also matched in yearly basis with jaimini chara dasha then you note down that year & see your yearly transit chart.
Transit chart:- In this chart you’ve to see Jupiter , Saturn & mars condition to pinpoint the week & month of that particular year.
Example:- lets say double transits of Jupiter Saturn aspect to your 4th house or placed in 4th house or aspect to your 4th lord & mars is passing through your 4th house or 11th house or 2nd house at that week or month you’ll get PROPERTY.

If You’ve any query regarding this topic you can leave comments.

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