Combined Special Consultation for Outside of Indian People


After getting purchased, send the paypal transaction code to with subject line “Combined Special Consultation“. Do not send emails without your information below.

Information format:-

  • Full name
  • Male/female
  • Your date of birth (month in letters) e.g(July 5th, 1967)
  • Time of birth in am/pm e.g(8:30pm)
  • Place of birth(Country, state and city)
  • Email address
  • Paypal Unique transaction ID    e.g:7XR10477P7673164E
  • Unforgettable 6 good & 6 bad  past events details with event year & month 
  • Recent status 


Special Consultation topic covered :-

  • Timing of getting Job
  • Timing of getting Married
  • If chart shows 2nd marriage then Timing of 2nd marriage
  • Chart analysis to find best Career
  • Chart analysis for Marriage life
  • Timing of Getting Wealth & Property

All  topics will be covered with chart analysis of birth chart(D1 chart) , Navamsha chart(D9 chart) , Dashamsha chart (D10 chart)  & report will come in Ms Doc file .


Step to purchase:

First select Combined Special Consultation photo then select add to cart then select cart button or view cart button  after that select proceed to checkout and fill your details and select proceed to paypal & it’ll take you to paypal accounts if you’ve paypal account then fill your paypal email id and password .If you don’t have paypal account then select pay with a debit or credit card  & fill your details to purchase.


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