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All divisional chart with planetary positions  and marriage consultation report in text file.


Consultation report check with the main condition that most of you want to know that “How will be my married life ?”

venus play most important role in love relationship & marriage life.

> In male chart venus represents female & in female chart jupiter represents husband, so in your birth chart you’ve to find out 1st venus condition(venus PAC, P- position, A -aspect , C – conjunction ) for both male & female chart because venus represents love & then jupiter condition if you are female(jupiter PAC , P- position, A -aspect , C – conjunction ).

> In birth chart 7th house represents- marriage, love relationship with your spouse. So you’ve to see 7th house condition.

> 7th house lord should not be in 6th , 8th , 12th house & 6th , 8th , 12th house lord should not be placed in 7th house of bad sign.

> 7th house lord should not be debilitated in any house & planets should not be debilitated in 7th house of marriage.

> 7th house , 7th house lord & venus should not be be hemmed by malefic planets .

> If mars is placed in 12th , 1st , 4th , 7th or in 8th house then it can create problem in married life but if your 7th house condition is strong & good then don’t fear about your manglik dosh your marriage life will be good.

> if any planet is placed in 7th house you’ve to find out that planet condition (that planet PAC & naksatra condition).

> if any planet is debilitated in 7th house then 7th house lord should be strong to control the 7th house condition of marriage.

> venus should not be closely conjunct with sun then sun heat energy can burn venus sweet love beauty but suppose close conjunct then venus degree should be more than sun degree that represents venus is coming out from sun heat energy.

> if Saturn is placed in 7th house its better to marry late not early age in your life at least wait for saturn 1st return or at the age after 28. saturn never deny but you’ve to fulfill saturn condition 1st then saturn will give you the result .

> Vargottama venus or planet is in same sign in birth chart as well as navamsha is very good , if that planet is placed in 7th house or aspect or 7th lord is vargottama then it indicates very good for marriage life although you’ve to see other planetary details then judge.

> Dara pada( A7) or arudha pada of 7th house you’ve to find out that will tell you your life partner image in socirty.

> Upa pada (A12) or arudha pada of 12th house you’ve to find out that will tell you what kind of spouse you’ll get in your life.

Navamsha chart – is specially seen for your after marriage life & this chart’ll get activated only after your marriage.

> then you’ve to see 7th house , 1st house & 9th house condition in navamsha chart.

> venus , 7th house & 7th lord condition should be good in navamsha chart.

> planets should not be debilitated in 7th house , 7th lord & venus should not be debilitated in navamsha chart.

> If you’ve raj yoga in 7th house & 7th lord is in good sign in navamsha chart then it represents good married life.

> if you’ve bad planetary influence over 7th house or debilitated planet in 7th house of birth chart but in navamsha chart benefic planet is exalted or in good sign of 7th house that can nullify all bad effect of your after marriage life & relation with your spouse will be good.

> planet is holding lowest degree becomes your dara karka represents spouse & if that planet is creating raj yoga or in good sign of birth as well as navamsha (DKN) chart then it represents good married life & if that raj yoga in 9th house of D9 chart & 9th lord is very strong or if you’ve laxmi yoga then it represents after your marriage you’ll get good luck & prosperity through your wife.

> Last but not the least you’ve to check your 7th house of point in SARVASTAKAVARGA CHART should be more than 28.

Note:- all these points gets checked in your marriage consultation.


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