Sun & Jupiter conjunction

Sun & JupiterJupiter:- control ur true devine knowledge, ur guru, teacher, wisdom, guider in real life, maintain rules, regulation,law bcs natural zodiac sign of 9th house is sagittarius whose lord is jupiter, control all ths religious activity, rules, regulation, law. Jupiter control ur wealth & finance. In female chart jupiter is ur husband & one important thing is that jupiter has the quality of expanding nature means wherever he sits, he just expand that house quality.

Sun-ur soul,ego,heart,self esteem,personality,father,creator,source of energy,king.

  • So, when sun & jupiter conjunction or both are placed in a single house within less than 10 degree that explore the quality of that house with knowledge means native should have knowledge of that house related things depends on rasi sign & naksatra. Why knowledge? bcs jupiter is the true devine knowledge who is ur guru, controlling 3 hours of hora in the morning & after that sun is also giving his light energy to the world, also controls 3 hours of hora after jupiter & always remember jupiter , sun, venus controls ur hora in the morning, they r like guru, so that is why jupiter & sun conjunction indicates professor, teacher, knowledge givers, financial advisor but negative part of this conjunction makes a person egoistic fighter, always try to dominant others bcs of his proudy nature.
  • Negative part of this conjunction :- When sun has lowest degree & jupiter has highest degree it represents that base of the conjunction is controlled by sun’s ego & proudy nature, means one can show his egoistic nature bcs he has knowledge & he want to dominant others. They want that everybody should respect them otherwise boom.
  • positive part of this conjunction :- When jupiter has lowest degree & sun has highest degree that represents base of the conjunction is controlled by jupiter’s true devine knowledge. Their personality, & confident comes only when they educate people by giving their knowledge bcs both of ths planets r satvik & they give their energy to everyone.

(NOTE:- the behaviour of this conjunction also gets modified if they are aspected by other planets or place with other planets, their naksatra & house significant also important that one should remember to know the actual behaviour of this conjunction. )

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