Sun & Mars conjunction

Sun & Mars

Mars – represents our will power, efforts , strength, stamina , passion , fire energy , fighting ability , ability to take action , impulsivity , cuts , bruises , burns , red blood , accidents , weapon , male friends , technical skills , engineer , competition , soldiers , sports , athletics.

Sun represents our soul , ego , heart , self esteem , personality , father , creator , source of energy , king , government . 

  • So, when sun & mars comes to a house & close to each other within less than 10 degree we call it sun & mars conjunction happens in that house, it influences more about which houses they are controlling that house quality with their own significance quality bringing into that house but what is the basic concept of this conjunction.
  • Mainly sun is the fiery hot planet, rules our solar system, he is the king who gives order to his general soldier to execute it & mars is that soldiers of sun who is always maintain the order of sun (except debilitated mars). Here two hot planets makes a person good competitors, soldiers, fighter, SPORTS MAN, IPS officer,technical person, govt employee in leadership role, even general LEADER of any field(if they are in aries or capricorn sign).
  • If these planets are placed in fiery sign like aries , leo , sagittarius can burn that house significant. Example- if they are placed in 1st house in any of fiery sign can makes a person very much aggressive , hot tempered & hair follicle problems.
  • Negative part of this conjunction:- when mars is holding the lowest degree & sun has highest degree then mars controls the base of this conjunction, they always want to compete with others, so naturally creates power struggle with their male friends, if they are in business, they always want to make competition with others business to beat them.(Note:- they don’t like partnership business except they are in good sign).
  • Positive part of this conjunction:- when sun is holding the lowest degree & mars has the highest degree then sun controls the base of this conjunction, makes a person great leader, whatever they plan in their mind they can definitely execute this & they are very much aim/goal oriented. WHY?
    because sun is controlling the base of leadership role (holding lowest degree) gives order to mars who is holding the highest degree controls will power, self effort & great fighting ability to win battle, execute the king’s order systematically that is why soldiers, sportsman & politician are always maintain their rules regulation systematically.

(NOTE:- the behaviour of this conjunction also gets modified if they are aspected by other planets or place with other planets, their naksatra & house significant also important that one should remember to know the actual behaviour of this conjunction. )

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