Sun & Mercury Conjunction

Sun & mercury

Sunrepresents our ego, soul, personality, father, creator, source of energy, king, government. 

Mercuryrepresents our logical & intelligence of mind, in hindi budh for buddhi, messenger of king , prince, controls our communication skills, performance & speech because mercury is the karka(significator) of communication, communication through writing, speech, acting, anchoring, social media and marketing, business & management skills – business minded, he is the son of  king , our inner playfulness . 

  • So when sun & mercury in a particular house & close to each other within less than 10 degree, we call it BUDH ADITYA YOGA. Budh- mercury & Aditya-sun. IT’S A KINGLY YOGA WHICH MAKES A PERSON FAMOUS & HIGH AUTHORITY FIGURE. 
  • In this conjunction, sun gives his powerful light to the mercury & increase his all qualities that means sun increases mercury’s quality , it represents that native’ll have good communication skill, work under government top most position, good logical mind, perform well in educational studies, their father always help them & intelligence of the native’ll come from guidance of father.


Lots of people have this yoga, but only few of them get the good effect from this yoga, why?

Ans- if this yoga also happens in NAVAMSHA chart(D9 chart) then definitely you’ll feel the effect of this yoga, now good or bad depends on :-

  1. Rashi sign where those planets gets exalted or debilitated.
  2. If these planets controls your 6th house/8th house/ 12th house or placed in dushthana trik house (6H/8H/12H) or any house but gets debilitated in that house then you’ll not get any good result but can get bad effect of this yoga.
  3. If your mercury retrograde or debilitated & conjunct with debilitated sun then also you’ll not get any good result.
  4. If these 2 planets are not close to each other in degree wise within less than 5 degree or if you don’t have this sun mercury conjunction in D9 navamsha chart then also you’ll not get any good result from this yoga  but get the result based on their house placement naksatra condition .
  5. if this yoga created planets gets debilitated or placed enemy sign in D9 navamsha chart or afflicted by natural & functional malefic planets in D9 chart then also you’ll not get any good result from this yoga .





  • If sun & mercury controls your kendra or trikona house & also placed in kendra or trikona house creates powerful raj yoga that ‘ll increase the power of this yoga.
  • If these two planets control your 11H/1H/2H/5H/9H & also placed in any one of these houses that’ll increase the power of this good yoga.
  • If these planets are exalted & placed in kendra or trikone house in Birth chart & also signwise well placed in D9 navamsha chart without any aspect or conjunction of any malefic planets then definitely you’ll get good result from this yoga.
  • If these planets naksatra lord gets placed in 2nd house of wealth or 10th house of professional career or 11th house of gain then definitely you’ll get good result from this yoga.

so the native who has this yoga that also creates dhan yoga as well as raj yoga that native definitely get all good effect of this yoga when he/she will go through sun mercury dasha period & ‘ll work under government high authority post, politics, CEO or any top most post of any company.

(NOTE:- now what type of authority figure or good & bad this yoga will make you that depends on which houses these two planets are controlling ,  which house  & sign they are placed in birth chart under what naksatra pada that will tell you more details about this powerful yoga.)


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