Sun & Venus conjunction

Sun & venusSun- represents our ego,soul,personality,father,creator,source of energy,king.

Venus- represents our spouse, relationship with others, art,beauty,romance, creativity talent, luxury, pleasure, convenience, currency, reproductive system.

  • Now, when sun & venus comes to a single house of a chart, once ego should be grow up through relationship with others, native should be very creative & love art, music,acting bcs venus beauty overblown by sun‘s heavy light so that everyone should easily recognise them. They love to easily attract the crowd. venus also represents Love, entertainment & fashion industry. This conjunction is all about creating relationship with others, now relation ship is good or bad depends on their degree & how close to each other in different rashi sign.
  • If Venus has lowest degree & sun has highest degree:- it indicates sun’s ego overblown by venus relationship with others bcs venus is holding lowest degree, if this venus very close to sun then venus love, beauty get burned by sun’s heavy light , so that venus get irritated . easy way to say that they r always contact or pass by person who always irritate about their relationship,question & make argument about their relationship that makes the native very much angry, even in relationship that makes divorce. If venus in his own house & conjunct with sun then only this problem will solve. Even this conjunction can creates problem in pregnancy.
  • Now, sun is holding lowest degree & venus has highest degree:- it indicates venus love,beauty,romance,art,music,creative talent overblown by sun’s light means native want to gives his/her love, beauty, acting , performance for others people. Ther r very creative, love to engadge in entertainment & fashion industry. even politican also has this conjunction bcs they love to attract the crowd by his own creative talent & this conjunction is all about relationship with others people.

(NOTE:- the behaviour of this conjunction also gets modified if they r aspected by other planets or place with other planets, thr naksatra & house significant also important that one should remember to know the actual behaviour of ths conjunction. )

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