Astrocartography map & Foreign settlement

Importance of Astrocartography map & Foreign settlement :-



All of you want to know about foreign settlement but most of them don’t understand that they have foreign settlement in their chart or not. So in this article I’ve written about foreign settlement condition  & most important things that is your Astrocartography map.


Astrocartography map:- Its the world map which shows each &  every zodiac sign was rising  over group of  courntries in the earth at the time of your birth. If you know that you have foreign settlement fulfilment condition in your birth chart then you can see this map to confirm which country you’ve to settle permanently. This map will help you to find out actual country you’ve to be their to get success in your life & based on that your ascendant & all others planets condition in your chart will be modified & things are going to change in your life.


Step 1 :- 

Step to check  foreign settlement condition in your birth chart :-

  • if your 1st/2nd/4th house lord is placed in 12th house that indicates permanent foreign settlement.


  •  12th lord conjunct or aspect to 1st/2nd/4th house lord & also rahu influence to your 1st/2nd/4th house or house lord then it shows permanent foreign settlement.


  • if 1st/2nd/4th house lord is placed in 9th house & rahu  influence to your 1st/2nd/4th house lord, then it indicates long distance travel or temporary foreign settlement & if placed in 3rd house then it shows short distance travel for job purpose.


  • If saturn/ketu/rahu like any malefic planets is placed in 2nd house or 4th house that malefic planets may detach u from ur family home environment & can bring you to far away from your native place.


  • If your 1st house/4th house has movable sign & more planet in your 1st house/4th house & lord of these houses also placed in movable sign can also bring you to far away from your motherland.


  •  If your 10th lord in 12th house or 12th lord in 10th house then more chances to settle in abroad for job purpose.


  • If your 1st lord or 4th lord in 9th house then more chances for temporary foreign settlement or long distance travel or even long distance pilgrimage journey.


  •  For short distance travel or business purpose If  10th lord in 7th or 3rd  house.


  •  For research purpose if 10th/9th lord in 8th house but 8th lord in 12th house or 10th & 12th lord  conjunct in 8th house.


  •  For spiritual learning or journey in foreign place  if your 1st/9th lord in 12th house or vice versa.


  • Foreign spouse or marriage in foreign place if  12th lord in 7th house or 7th lord in 12th house or rahu influence to your 7th house/ 7th lord through aspect/conjunction/only sits in 7th house.



Step 2:- 

Once you check all these conditions for foreign settlement & if the given conditions are matched then your 2nd step to confirm all these :- 


Add SARVASTAKA VARGA chart’s houses of benefic dots or points to get right direction.


East direction -> 1st house + 12th house + 11th house


North direction -> 10th house + 9th house + 8th house


West direction -> 7th house + 6th house + 5th house


South direction -> 4th house + 3rd house + 2nd house


Out of total four direct choose only highest direction points that direction will be your right direction to go in the world.


Step 3 :-

Once you find out the right direction now break it into 3 given houses points & choose the highest marks of Sarvastaka house points.


Example :- lets say North direction got highest marks out of four direction & North direction is combined of 3 houses points of Sarvastakavarga chart :-


10th house 36 + 9th house 31 + 8th house 28 ;
that means 10th house got highest marks , So you’ve to relocate to the countries which fall under 10th house zodiac but I can choose particular country based on planet influence to that house condition.


Step 4 :- 

Once you find out particular highest marks house of zodiac sign then you’ve to open your Astrocartography map which is only matched with your birth details.


In this Astrocartography map, you can find that all countries fall under zodiac sign , You ‘ve to choose that particular highest marks house of zodiac sign countries from the Astrocartography map & settle there permanently to improve your everything.


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